Well, Jess and Shannon had a good time, I think; they ended up painting a whole tribe (pride?) of tigers (the Bengals, of course.) However, the crowds just weren't there. There are reasons for that--among them lack of signage around town and outside the crafters' buildings--but we were slammed once and actually busy one other time as well. I let them do the tigers. And they did well. :)

Tomorrow's the last day. Only three hours, so we'll see how things go. I'm glad I don't have any more shows; I'm pretty showed out. But I have made good progress on a possible crocheted Christmas present, so that's good. (It's only a possible present, because I might not get it done in time.) Jess is coming back, so that's cool.

When I got home, I put the bobbin case and bobbin in my Featherweight. It took me two tries to get the bobbin thread to go up correctly, but once I got it, it started sewing just fine! I only had to adjust the tension a tiny bit.

Again, I am marveling at how quiet it is compared to my other sewing machine. Lydia was like that too. It must be the age thing, or what they're made out of. I'm not sure.

So anyway, I'm sewing on it now. And I can see why the bobbin case and bobbins are so specialized--they're a lot thinner! It was surprising to see how different they are, considering it's a Singer machine.

Jess mentioned that she had made herself a messenger bag the other day. I asked her how she sewed it, and she said by hand. The picture I saw looked really nice, actually. Impressive, even! And I told her she needed a sewing machine. She said that she should have written it on her Christmas list. When I asked her if she would actually use a sewing machine, she said she would, so I might be on the lookout for one for her before Christmas. I'll probably check Goodwill first, because the machines they have are usually pretty indestructible. We'll see what I can find.


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