During the yard sales and today, church had a Silent Auction as well. I had promised Mom I would be there for the finale, and promised Ethan I would keep an eye on his bids (he lost one, but got everything else he wanted--a handheld videogame and a cake keeper for Mom.) I had donated some 8x10 framed photos, which came home with me, but not for want of compliments. Most people said they just didn't have any room. Oh well. I do. :)

And I also brought home a 9*-drawer library card catalog. I'm not sure what I will do with it--at least it's small, but hopefully I can figure something out.

Now, though, I really, really, really need to finish my laundry, start the bread, juice tomatoes, and go from there before I run out of time.

A very busy weekend!

*I can't count; I had 12-drawer earlier.


Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous of you getting the library card catalogue! I love those things. Can you store some small craft supplies in them, maybe?
Jennifer said…
Maybe--I'll have to see. It's still in my car. I really should get it out before it gets too dark outside. ;)

Hmmm, just had an idea!

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