I didn't get much done last night; my sinuses were acting up again (great--now I have barometrical pressure sinus issues, because there was a front going through) and once I got that taken care of, I didn't have time to do much. So I crocheted part of a hat in a blue-grey soy/wool blend with some of my cobalt blue angora mixed it; it looks really nice so far.

Tonight, though, I have to pick stuff out of the garden and gather up some yard sale stuff or else I'll be gathering Thursday night (which will probably happen anyway.) I guess I didn't think this week would go so fast. My fault; I had time on Sunday to do this. Oh well. There's nothing like a last-minute toss into boxes whirlwind that will get stuff gone from my house, after all. And in fact, I do have some stuff already gathered in the music room.

But anyway, I have to stop somewhere on my break today and get three or so 8x10 picture frames. Hopefully they won't be terribly expensive.

I am definitely not going to be able to juice tomatoes until Sunday, though, so hopefully whatever I pick will last. I could *maybe* do it Friday night, but it depends on how I feel after being up at the yard sale all day long.


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