Just for Grey--Purple Podded Pole Beans

They're actually a bit hard to take pictures of because they are so dark purple. Maybe tomorrow I will get out in the garden and take a picture of them in their natural habitat, so to speak. :)

But here is a picture of their flower, and you can see the stems, too:

Very pretty!

And the reason why I'm not going to plant bush beans next year is because it hurts my back to bend over to pick the bush beans. I think the pole beans bear better anyway. :)

I juiced 7 quarts (plus a cup or so) of tomato juice tonight, three from my tomatoes and four from the tomatoes from Mom and Dad's garden. That brings the total up to 40 quarts, which was my goal, so that's cool. My freezer is sooooo full, though!

But the small screen for my Squeezo broke while I was taking apart the Squeezo to clean it. :( That means I'm going to either have to solder it back on or buy a new (or new to me) one before I can juice any more tomatoes. I am watching a couple on ebay right now.

I guess I should be happy that it broke at the end of the juicing and not halfway through!


Grey said…
Thank you! Those beans are beautiful. What a deep purple.

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