Okay, yard sale report, Day 1.

We are having fabulous weather, for one. I think it got up to 82 yesterday, and it's supposed to get up to 79 today. I am so not complaining about that, because in previous years it has been upwards of 90 degrees outside. The breeze was nice, too. I got a little sunburned, but not too badly.

Sale-wise, I made $100 yesterday. I'm very pleased with that, considering what I brought to sell. I sold both violins--and made my money back on them (remember; they only cost me $17 + shipping)--and sold some of the extra cookbooks from the cookbook lot. I may yet go through them a bit more this morning before I have to leave, since I have one empty box still to fill up. (Unless I can think of something big to bring, that is.)

Dad made a little over $100, too; we were both pleased with the amount of money we made. The crowd was fairly steady--there were some dead spots in there--but I was crocheting, so I didn't really care.

And I didn't actually buy anything at the yard sales, but I came home with a large ironstone bowl, a Frankoma piece, a nice brass collapsible tripod for my camera that is dated 1911, and a small strainer. (Essentially, since Dad was unpacking boxes that had been packed for 20 years, he let me go shopping a bit.) I did not, however, go overboard, because the point is to get rid of stuff, not add to it.

I was mean to CVS early on, because I didn't come with any change but actual coin change, so I bought toilet paper and they graciously gave me change for $100. So thanks, CVS!

And crocheting-wise, I finished the hat I was working on, got half done with a scarf, and today I'm crocheting a monkey for my cousin's baby. Hopefully I will get the monkey done, because the baby shower is tomorrow. I should, though; it's not going to be complicated or huge.

I did attempt to continue my tunisian crochet dishcloth while at the yard sale, but even though I brought my crochet stitch book, I couldn't remember how to do it. I ended up bringing it back with me and finding the legible instructions on the internet again. Hopefully I won't forget this time.

Here's to another good day!


Grey said…
I like reading about your good day. *happy sigh*

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