Craft show Day 1, well, it's been slow. I did sell Rachel, a few cards, and a necklace, and a couple of bracelets, too, I think. Not much else. But the shoppers just weren't there today. We'll see how tomorrow turns out. Some years are great, others are merely good, and some years are terrible. It's cyclical. I'm not that worried, really. :)

However, I wore the pendant I just bought from Wyrding Studios (I received it on Thursday) and boy, did I get the compliments! I'm going to wear my other one tomorrow, which is smaller, but I like it all the same, of course. I love them both.

Strangely enough, considering how big the one I just bought is, it's really not very heavy at all. Which is nice, because I could hardly tell I was wearing it all day long.

I might have a commission for a witch doll, which would be fun. And everyone had compliments on my notecards, so hopefully I'll sell more of those. But right now, I'm going to go drink a mug of hot tea, let Mabel have her dinner, and write for a bit before I head to bed.


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