Well, I tried downloading a free trial of ArcSoft's Greeting Card Maker--which would have taken 10 hours on my wonderful connection--and ended up downloading it at Mom and Dad's and then saving it to my jumpdrive and bringing it home, only to find out that it only has one paper size. *sigh*

Maybe it's time to upgrade to a high version of Print Shop, which has my invitation-size cards--I'm using version 5.0, after all. The issue is that I only need the template, not any of the other bells and whistles.

Hmm, I might have figured it out... let's see.

Nope, not quite. The strange thing is that only some of them are printing so big in size, not all of them. I'd chalk it up to software issues if it was all of them, but it's just not making sense at all.


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