Okay, since today is the first 'official' day of vacation, I've decided to make a daily list instead of just list everything I want to get done by the end of my vacation. Since I have to make bread and granola today, that means the kitchen will be first on the list. So, today's list:

  1. I need to make Honey French Bread (3 loaves) for the Senior luncheon at church tomorrow.
  2. I need to make granola, because I'm getting sick of eating cereal.
  3. Clean kitchen
    1. This includes cleaning out the fridge (chopping up peppers, etc.)
    2. sweep and mop the floor
    3. wash/sweep the rugs
    4. Finish dishes
  4. Clean laundry room
    1. Which includes cleaning out the litterboxes, folding towels/blankets/whatever
    2. And going through stuff again
  5. Clean up entry room
    1. This includes moving Ethan's unused air conditioner somewhere, preferably up in his room for next year
    2. and everything else that needs to be cleaned in that room
    3. sweep and mop the floor
    4. wash Mabel's blankets
    5. make Mabel's pillow?

I also need to get to the grocery store today; I'm out of bread bags. I also need to write Full Moon.

And yes, I did clean the kitchen and most of the entry room not that long ago, but it's a bit messy again, and I didn't get everything done that time anyway.


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