Whew. My eyes are starting to cross.

However, I have a good portion of my Christmas shopping sitting in my Amazon basket--I'm waiting for an okay from a couple of people before I go and actually order anything--and I also put in my order at Sierra Trading Post (Dad, don't click on the link!) for mostly these. Every person on my list is getting a pair, except for Ethan. (I have a pair, and they are really nice!)

Other than the mushroom kits, which Dad and Em still have to pick out, I'll be done once I get word. Completely done except for what I'm making, which, at the moment, consists of napkins for Mom (pending the receipt of my serger), earrings and a hat for Bekah, and a pair of slippers for Ethan.

Jess needs to get with me and let me know what she wants/needs, but otherwise, I have everyone else pretty much wrapped up. Which is nice, for once!


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