List for the weekend--

  • Work on craft show stuff
    • print notecards (having issues with this, since my program wants to make them so large it's ridiculous)
    • dolls
    • hats
    • bears?
    • bracelets
    • cat toys?
  • Do dishes (ALL!)
  • Put away clean clothes and costumes from the Halloween mess
  • Laundry
  • Fold towels and put them away? (actually, I think Bekah has already done/started this)
  • Clean up in kitchen
  • Bake bread and granola
  • Write Full Moon
  • Clean out car?
  • Work up peppers in fridge?
  • Practice Morgan?

The ones with question marks are bonus points, if there were any bonus points. Today, I also have to buy Mabel some more food, since she's out.

I've been making hats this morning. I finished the one that wasn't quite done yet, made a wide-brimmed sunhat that turned out okay, and then another winter hat with green wool and a flannel print on the inside. It's too small for me, but maybe it will fit someone. And I attempted to print out notecards, but as I said above, the program isn't working right at all. It took two hours to print out six last night. At that rate, I might have them all printed by Christmas! Argh.

It would be nice to get the craft show stuff done this weekend. And I may, at that. We'll see.


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