Four loaves of Honey French bread (yes, I made one for me too!) are in the oven. I also have pizza dough rising in the dining room--the perfect place for bread to rise when the heat isn't on and the radiators are cold. (Otherwise, a warm radiator is the perfect place.)

I've cleaned off my stove and my baking table, although I'm going to have to do the latter again, since it's currently covered in flour. And I'm contemplating making something else, too, but what? It's still actually kind of early to start pizza dough for supper. But it's freezable, at least, so I can always do that if needed.

Hmm. I'm actually intending to use part of the pizza dough to make garlic flatbread, because I have some garlic cloves that need to be used up before they go bad.

Have I gotten anything else done? Not really. But the bread was the important part. :)

I have also discovered that making a double batch of pizza dough in my dough mixer (Not the big one, of course, but the bucket) is workable. I don't think it could handle a single loaf of bread; they were made for more than one loaf, after all. But I could do two loaves at a time in it, definitely. Which is nice to know.

One of these days, I will find one of the smaller ones. I can't remember which number that is, offhand.


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