So my credit with Duke Energy is gone, because I turned on my heat. I'm expecting that after I pay this bill, I'll have to go back on budget billing. Although it seems kind of silly to go back on budget billing if I'm just going to pay extra anyway, and if I expect a $400 bill like normal one month and $250-$275 each month for the rest of the winter.

Anyway, I was curious to find out how much I'd have to pay this month, since I figured turning on the heat would eat my credit. I got the bill today. It's $15.21. That means my actual bill was a little over $100, since I had $90+ in credit left from the summertime.

I did use my stove a lot, too, for what that's worth.

Ouch! Okay, a painless ouch. But I really expected it to be higher. :)


Unknown said…
$400?? Boy, do you need some insulation. Or something.
Jennifer said…
Well, a house from the early 1900s tends not to have much in the way of insulation. ;)

Actually, for the square footage that I'm heating, and the fact that it's (historically) only one month that's so bad, I don't feel like it's a terrible gas bill.

However, I think they should warn people when they go to buy houses about stuff like that. Even the new houses can't have tiny gas bills if you're heating a very large space.

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