The second craft show was today, and that's where 10 of my loaves of bread went to the bake sale. At $4/loaf, all sold, so $40 of the bake sale profits was from me! Ha! (And $4 for Ethan's second loaf of bread, which Mom bought, of course. So $44. Not bad.)

I only made around $60, but at least $25 of that was notecards and greeting cards. They were flying out the door. And I sold two hats and some necklaces and three pairs of earrings. Other than that, it was a slow day again, but even then. Not bad. Next year I will have Christmas cards. And the remainder will go up on Etsy once I get my shop open again (probably soon, because I really don't want leftovers two years in a row.)

(And I decided that the craft show money was my official 'serger fund' (it makes sense, so why not?) and I'm going to darn well win one. If I have to go a little bit above my limit, that's okay. (My limit's $100, but I'm cheap. I was counting that as $100 total, including shipping. So I might just bid up to $100 now.) And I will win one soon, because Mom has requested cloth napkins for Christmas, and you really need a serger with a rolled hem thingy for that sort of thing.


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