One 13" doll--finished. The other still in pieces, but finishable. How's that?

And I like this one almost as much as I liked Eilis. This one's name is Elizabeth. I'll post pictures tomorrow, I hope.

I also gave the existing doll (Rachel) a new coat to spruce her up a bit.

And I forgot to add something to my list: Plant the garlic! Which I did. I ended up ordering Chesnok Red from two places, so I'll hopefully have a lot of that kind.

I am going to attempt to pretend that the time never changed. That means I'll be getting up at the same time I'm used to, and perhaps that will help come spring since it takes me so long to get used to the spring time change. (This only applies to work days, of course; I never check when I get up when I'm off.) So that means technically I'll be coming in to work at 6am... we'll see how long it will work out. I'm pretty sure I can manage to do it this week. And then next week I'm on VACATION, so it won't matter.


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