Wow. Yesterday, I got my new Greeting Card software (a one day turnaround, since it was shipped on Monday.) Today, I got the majority of my Target order (in one huge box!) and some of my Amazon order (see, they can ship quickly!) and my serger!

The only box I haven't opened yet is the serger. And that might wait until tomorrow night. Maybe. It's really still early enough to open it tonight, but probably not to actually set it up and use it.

One thing I did buy at was a rice cooker. I had asked for one for Christmas, just because I'd been intrigued with them for a while now, and also because I kind of don't like the way the Pampered Chef one works anymore. It seems like it's not working as well as it used to. I'm not sure why.

So anyway, while buying a couple of things for other people on my list, I stumbled across this rice cooker, which was on sale for $11.99. A far cry from the $99 one I'd put on my Christmas List. I got it today with the other stuff, and had to plug it in to try it. It makes 6 cups of rice, and has a steamer basket too, so that's really nice. It's also tiny, and by tiny, I mean tiny. It's also very cute, if appliances can be cute.

I made 4 cups of rice as a first try, which means I have lots of leftovers, but boy am I impressed! It's really nice! And it makes the rice so much better than the Pampered Chef microwave rice cooker. (Sorry, Pampered Chef.)

According to the manual, you can even bake a cake in it. A quick search on the Rival website netted me with absolutely nothing (although the manual did say to check the website for a recipe), but I did find one for Rice Cooker bread somewhere else. And a couple of mentions that people have cooker quick breads in it as well (which makes sense to me, actually; more sense than yeast bread, at least.)

To make up for my elimination of the expensive rice cooker from my Christmas list, I added three things from the King Arthur Flour Baking store, two of which I really could use. A dough whisk, which would be wonderful with the No-Knead bread, since it's rather sticky (and if I don't get this for Christmas, it will be #1 on my after-Christmas list.) A Baker's Bench Knife, which would also be very useful, and the set of 4 mini bakers, because they would be great for sample loaves of bread (not to mention they are cute.) So we'll see.


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