Okay. For years and years and years I've said that I write primarily urban fantasy, which, in essence, since my books are set in rural locations, is NOT TRUE.

So from now on, I'm going to say I write rural fantasy and create my own subgenre. Ha. I can't even pronounce the word, but I write it, yes I do.

(That is one of the words I have trouble with. Sometimes I can pronounce it, other times it comes out sounding very silly.)


wintersweet said…
hee! There's always "contemporary fantasy."
Vicki said…
There's nothing wrong with creating your own genre. I write mysterotica . . . :)
Jennifer said…
True! I think contemporary fantasy was around before urban fantasy, so why didn't they just stick with that and be done with it? :)

I like that word, Vicki.

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