Dad and I went to see the last showing of Who's on First at the Gaslight Theater last night. It was cute and funny and not at all sold out; I'm not sure what kind of crowds they usually get, but the theater was about 1/3 full. Still, it was nice to go for once; I always forget when they're having shows and invariably remember once the run is over.

(I am now on their mailing list, so hopefully that won't happen again.)

Cleaning-wise, I actually got quite a bit done yesterday in the kitchen, moving things around and suchlike. I weeded my second set of copper canisters for ebay (I actually have three sets; the one I removed was empty and rather too small to actually use) and a couple other things as well, then rearranged the shelves in the kitchen a bit. It looks nice now. It looked cluttered before.

I'll work in the kitchen a bit more today--I'd like to get the floor swept and mopped in the end. And I have auctions ending and auctions to post, so that's also on my list.


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