Rearranging Part 4.2

And I thought I was finished? Ha!

I had a thought yesterday while sitting in my comfy chair and writing in the living room.

My previous thought about the Green Room being the combination living room/library and the living room being the office wasn't far off the mark, but here's the deal:

I don't have enough books in this house to fill up a floor-to-ceiling bookcase that's 9 foot high and 6 foot wide.

And in all honesty? I'm probably never going to have that many books. Maybe once, before I purged, but not now. I'm very unlikely to just buy books for the sake of having books filling up my bookcases. I like to read books, not necessarily collect them.

If I'm writing Plethora to cut down on my consumption, then building a giant bookcase that needs to be filled just doesn't jive with that at all. (Although I will admit it would look awfully cool. But that's not necessarily the reason just to build something that will need to be filled up.)

So. After thinking about it a bit, here's what I decided to do. (At least until I get a better idea, haha.)

The current Living Room will become the office/library. I really like that idea. I will build one small bookcase on the (if you're standing in front of it) left side of the stained glass window for my non-fiction books and reference books. My desk will go on the right side of the stained glass window by the plug. My nonfiction books are the ones that need a place anyway. This only makes sense. (Not a single one of my existing bookcases will fit in this space without looking really stupid, and making one bookcase isn't a huge deal at all.) This will mean that all my nonfiction books can stay together where I can access them quickly. The fiction ones can stay upstairs in my hallway, which is the fiction 'library' anyway.

In the living room, the papasan couch will move, as will my papasan chair. The other chair can stay to sit in front of the built-in bookcase, and the cedar chest can also stay in place. My library table can stay. The coffee table can go into the Green Room, which will become the living room. My quilts can go into the Green Room. That leaves me a nice empty corner for something else, maybe even a nice set of file cabinets, if needed. (I will need something if I move my storystuff out of the closet, but we'll see. It's safe in there, at least.) I could leave the rocking chair in the office/library, too. There will be no rug on the floor, except, perhaps, for under my desk to save the floor from my chair. I envision this room nice and bright and cheery, thanks to the stained glass window.

The current Green Room will become the living room. The roll-top desk bottom will go against the short wall where I thought it would go, probably with a bookcase on top of it until I find a roll-top top. The couch (and I haven't decided yet; I may just keep the papasan couch unless I find a really nice couch at Goodwill) can go against the wall, I think, or however I decide to arrange things. My Papasan chair can go in here too, and so can the coffee table. My quilts could go against the long wall, or behind the couch, or something like that. The floor-to-ceiling cat tree can go in the corner by the bathroom door, along with the cat's food, etc. The only rug on the floor will be the blue rug around the seating area.

Those are the only changes so far.


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