Last year by this time, I'd planted the potatoes, tilled the garden once, and started my seeds. But then again, it had also been 80 degrees for most of a week! Ha!

It's supposed to get down to 29 tonight. Global warming? Really. Where?

So anyway, last year my forsynthia was also already blooming, but then we had the April freeze that pretty much took out all the fruit tree blooms and everything else. This year, it seems like we're going a bit slower. Maybe we'll have an actual spring vs. a warm up and then a freeze? That would be nice.

Regardless, I am going to plant my lettuce seed and probably some of the carrots as well this weekend, just sprinkling them in the kitchen garden patch by the cistern. I'll plant the potatoes too, and maybe something else. My garlic is already about 4 inches high, and so are the garlic chives, which are in the back. The regular chives are pretty big too. I really should move them to the kitchen garden patch. Hmm.


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