I finally got the rest of my seeds and asparagus ordered from Seeds of Change. Their website issues seem to be resolved. And I did order more lettuce; I wasn't intending to, but since I sprinkled two packs amid the garlic and have only two other packs left, I thought I'd better order more.

I also got some of my seeds started--all of the tomatoes and peppers, and half the eggplant. I ran out of seed-starting containers (aluminum mini-bread pans) so I will have to get more. And I have a stack of seeds that can be direct-planted right now, not to mention my potatoes, which are patiently waiting as well. I might get the potatoes planted today, if I can dig my wheelbarrow out from the shed.

I also got my laundry started, and a couple of other things as well, so my list for the weekend has more things crossed off. Yay! And it's only 1pm!

I did add three things to my paper list--make granola, lunch for the week, and bake a loaf of bread for the week as well. Those three things are pretty much weekly things anyway, so that's why I forgot to add them initially. (I'm making baked potato soup for the week's worth of soup for lunches.)

Even if I don't cross anything else off my list (and I plan to, since it's still early) I am very pleased with what I've gotten done!)


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