An ulterior motive.

Well, kind of.

I had cafecash at CafePress, and decided to cash it in to see if I could manage 16x20 inch prints of my photographs for Heart's Desire, and others, of course, as time goes on. Technically, my camera's resolution and megapixels and such are enough that I shouldn't have any trouble with 16x20 inch prints. So I ordered one, using my favorite photo from the bunch:

And I'm actually quite impressed by how it turned out.

(On my monitor, they both look darker than they actually are.)

That's really not a good photograph of the print; it's dark outside and my bed was the only clear space nearby to put it on.

And now I need a frame to put it in; I thought I had a frame already, but the ones I have are smaller. *sigh*


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