So I'm working a bit in the kitchen today, since I really haven't been home, the dishes needed doing, and I figured that whatever I got done today I would be happy with.

Which got me thinking a bit about what I'll need to keep--storage-wise--in the kitchen once my sister and nephew have moved out.

And I've come to the conclusion that I don't really need my tea cabinet, because I'll have extra space on the bookcases/storage shelves that all my tea could fit on without much trouble at all. Which means the tea cabinet could go into the bathroom for bathroom stuff, or somewhere else for somewhere else stuff, and the blue bookcase could go back where it was before, and the little bookcase could go beside my baking table, giving me a nice flat look to my 'island' instead of my view being blocked by the blue bookcase.

And also leaving room for my stool again--back where it was before, too.


Edit: Dad just called, and they are on their way home. YAY!!


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