I made bagels today--my first try. Vicki shamed me into making them, really, after she commented that she had made them on multiple occasions and they weren't as difficult as it would seem. Well, they aren't difficult at all. In fact, I could easily see myself making bagels quite often, since they turned out so well. (There's a picture on Bread, Soup, and Tea.) They aren't perfect, but so what?

I am also making Walnut Rye Bread (hopefully, if it turns out okay) and maybe one other loaf of bread too. And minestrone for lunches next week.

I made some of the gnocchi that I picked up at Sam's for lunch; there's about three lunches worth in one package (there are three packages in each box) and the whole box cost $2.47, so that's a really cheap lunch. Yes, I could make them too, and I probably will now that I know I like them.

Now I have to go check my dough...


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