First, the four-hour Lego cake. I ran out of powdered sugar for the icing, so that's why there aren't three Lego pieces, but only two. But by doing two, that meant I could write on the blue part. I think it looks pretty cool, but then again, I just spent four hours making it, so that may be why. :)

Second, and last but not least, a very close-up of a sun-kissed blackberry:

My colander was full tonight, and I probably missed a couple. I picked them while the cakes were in the oven baking.

But now I am very tired, so goodnight!


Anonymous said…
I think your lego cake looks great! Much better than mine: and yes, the teeny, not quite focused picture was on purpose to help its appearance!

Hello by the way! I just found your blog by way of Cold Antler Farm Blog. =)
Grey said…
That cake is VERY cool!

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