Weekend List:

--Alter dress
--Get haircut
--Charge lawnmower (It's charging now. Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow so I can mow.)
--Trim (I'm crossing this off, because I mowed what needed to be trimmed, so that worked.)
--Mow grass (front and side are done; it started raining, so no back today. Maybe Monday?)
--Bake bread (in the oven!) it's rising right now.
--Do dishes
--Practice fiddle (Got caught up in something else on Friday and did not do this.) Saturday I made it through #23 on the CD, playing along. This is not a bad thing. Although I think my fiddle really is a piece of junk. It's still very flat compared to the one on the CD.
--Yoga? (I really have to clean up the living room to do this.)
--Post spinning wheel on Craigslist (I posted one of my tape looms, too.)
--Pick mint to dry/dry mint (and I picked some oregano, too. And some chocolate mint and spearmint, although there's not much of that.)
--Plant rest of Raintree order (that I keep forgetting about) (All but two wintergreen are planted, and I'll get to those tomorrow.) Planted in the rain. Oh well!


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