Well, I forgot to add what I picked on Saturday, which was another bag of cucumbers, two pounds of beans, and more yellow squash and zucchini. Oops!

Today, I picked 1 1/2lbs of beans, nine cucumbers (another bag full), and two yellow squash. I am now officially buried under cucumbers, and the squash isn't far behind.

I am also up to half a quart of blackberries, which might not sound like much, but I'll pick another handful this evening and they do add up quickly.

I went out to lunch with Mom and Dad today (it's the day after Burlington, so I am off work) and then Dad came and nicely chopped down all the weed trees I had growing up out of everywhere, trimmed my honey locusts and my walnuts, and hung up my new clock, which is from his house, of course. It looks very nice. My yard looks naked now.

Before I mow this evening, I have to get all the branches and such into the backyard. Luckily, some of the branches are big enough to use as walkingsticks and also I can use the wood to practice my whittling. Yay!

(I have walnut, wild cherry, and honey locust.)

I did not get to practice fiddle at all this weekend. I am hoping to do so tonight after I mow. I haven't written, either, but I kind of expected that, so I am not worried.

The no-knead sourdough bread is rising. It's... interesting. Hopefully it will work out!


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