Picked a handful of blackberries this evening. So far so good--no birds have bothered them yet.

And then, I decided to use up some of the green beans I have in my fridge. I intended to make Grey's recipe, but I ended up making up my own, because I also had a long skinny eggplant (from someone else; I didn't plant any this year, although I might next year if I can find out the variety I ate tonight because it was yummy) to use up too.

So I sauteed some garlic on olive oil, added some of the the purple podded green beans (they turn green when cooked, of course), cut up eggplant, beet leaves, and swiss chard with a 'sauce' of olive oil, a dash of orange juice, and soy sauce. It was fabulous. I will definitely have to do it again. It would have tasted good with new potatoes, too.

Right now, I'm off to freeze the rest of the blueberries, and then I'm going to go play my fiddle for a bit before I do some more dishes. Or maybe I'll do the dishes first. We'll see.

I also started the sourdough starter that I got in the mail yesterday. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll see some life.

The yogurt, however, isn't solidifying at all, but it smells great. I'm hoping it will do something overnight. Anything longer than tomorrow after work and I'll probably say it was too hot in my kitchen and abandon it for a lost cause to try again later when it's cooler. (The directions say the initial culturing should be 24-48 hours. It's been almost 24 hours right now, so I'm still well within the limits.)


Grey said…
Your dinner sounds delicious!
Jennifer said…
It was! I'll definitely try yours with some of my green beans, though!

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