I received Ebay fiddle #2 today in the mail--they tried to deliver it yesterday, but it had to be signed for and of course I wasn't home. (Mom kindly picked it up for me at the PO.)

I haven't gotten it tuned properly yet; the bridge was not on when I opened the case and I must have put the bridge on wrong when I tried, because it snapped off and scared me to death. This has happened before; I should know better. There's a trick to it, after all. I will try again tomorrow evening and do it right this time.

But while I was trying to tune it, I managed to get the G string tuned and wow. This fiddle has some major volume! It's much lower in tone than my other fiddle. (I have decided that the mountain fiddle/pochette is a tenor. Not sure about Ebay fiddle #1.) It's very smooth sounding so far. It's also a bit heavier (but not by much) than Ebay fiddle #1.

I enjoy playing my little mountain fiddle quite a bit. It's not too soft to hear myself play over the sound of the CD, nor is it too loud to wake up the neighbors. Ebay fiddle #2 is loud enough to wake up the neighbors. That should be fun. :)

Tonight I figured out how to play Amazing Grace. I had semi-figured it out before, but I got it this time.

If I try for a tune a week, I'll know 52 tunes by the end of one year. Not bad!


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