I'm baking my friend Grey's oatmeal bread today. It smells awfully good, so I hope it turns out as it should. Right now, it's rising in my music room where it's nice and warm. (Although the whole house is rather warm right now.)

Other things on my list of things to do today include laundry, cleaning up in the kitchen, writing Whippoorwill, and practicing my fiddle.

I forgot to add yesterday that I picked 4 1/2 lbs. of cucumbers (yes, we're on pounds now since there are so many) and two yellow squash. I am also up to 1/2lb. of beans picked, which is enough to eat. The purple podded pole beans (say that five times fast!) are very dainty and pretty beans. I definitely should plant them again.


Jenny said…
I've tried making oatmeal bread a couple of times, and it smells good and comes out hard and flat. I hope yours (Grey's) turns out well!
Jennifer said…
I had tried once or twice, too and the same thing happened. Grey's recipe was perfect, though! I think it helped to cook the oatmeal beforehand. It's delicious, and I also think it would make great scones with a little cinnamon added.

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