I played my fiddle last night for almost 45 minutes; first going along with the CD and then trying out Simple Gifts again. I can read music, but I've always found it easier to find the tunes by ear on anything; I might have to work on that later with the violin, but right now, I'm happy with how things are going.

This weekend is the wedding, of course, and I'm off Friday (Friday evening is the rehearsal, etc.) but what I'm mostly planning to do is clean while I am home. I really do think I should do at least 15 minutes of yoga per day--if I have time enough to spend 45 minutes playing the fiddle, then I have time enough to do yoga every day. This means that the living room needs to be cleaned, the spinning wheels need to have a place to go, and since everything else needs cleaning too, that's almost my only goal this weekend. I doubt I'll get everything done, but I intend to make a decent-sized dent.

I also have to clean in the music room--sweep up plant stuff from last year and clean out the sweet potato jars, etc. It's not terrible, but it needs to be done.

I realized the other day that my playing by ear might just be another reason I have trouble with the accompaniment on the harp. Hmm.


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