And did I buy anything at the auction?

If we had stayed, I probably would have. I had my eye on one of those folding ladders, a porch swing, and a metal rack on wheels that came from a bakery and would have been good for something, I'm sure.

The folding ladder was the only thing I really could have needed, though, because I will want to buy one of those eventually when I start painting inside, especially the hallway. It was one of those ones that you can set up crooked and flat and such, and make it into scaffolding/ish. If that makes sense.

However, they were running two auction rings, it was after noon, and I'd already frozen solid while waiting for them to get to that row outside, and then they decided to go inside for a while and we decided not to wait.

I did buy one thing, but it wasn't for me, and Bekah will pay me back (or not, I probably owe her the money anyway.) It was a Lexmark z515 printer--for $11, so I didn't break the bank or anything. It came with two cartridges that didn't work, so she'll have to buy cartridges for it, but otherwise, she now has a nice printer.

Next week might be a bit more difficult. They have old gas and electric stoves--and this.

Which is what I want to replace the shelves in the kitchen with eventually. (This one is rather unique--you don't usually see possum belly cabinets like this. And it's pine. So we'll see. And I want to put a very old stove where the heater is--eventually--but again, we'll see*.)

Oh, and even though it was 30 degrees outside this morning, I walked to the auction. It's about a mile, I think, and it was quite a nice walk. Dad did drive me home, but I got my exercise today. :)

*Odds are, everything I want will go for too much anyway. There's a lot of good stuff at this auction, including multiple treadle sewing machines I DON'T NEED! And lots of tables I DON'T NEED, either! Here's the link if you want to check it out.


Jenny said…
Don't give in. Be strong! I didn't even buy a calendar. You can pass up "I was going to get it someday anyway" items!
Grey said…
*chanting with Jenny, "Don't give in!"*
Jennifer said…
Lol. The odds of the cabinet actually going for a price within my budget (which is $200, and always has been) is very, very low. Like 9,999,999,999 to 1.

The only one I've ever seen that went within my budget was practically falling apart. There really isn't much of a chance that I will get it.

However, there's nothing that says I can't go and take pictures of it.

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