Way back in January of last year, I switched the cats from Purina--18 lbs. of regular and 18 lbs. of indoor formula once a month--to Natura Healthwise, which was 16.5 lbs. I got it shipped to my house from Pet Food Direct, but the cost kept going up and up until I was spending $30+ on indoor cat food every month.

The 16.5 lbs. lasted almost a month; I really had to stretch it there at the end of each month, and sometimes they had to subsist on Purina again until the next shipment arrived. (The outside cats eat Purina. Since I'm feeding the grackles/starlings/whatever strays happen by as well as my two, they can eat cheap.) But then, after looking at my budget and wondering what I could get locally now that the Feed Store in Bethel started carrying various brands of cat food, I asked them if they could possibly get Wellness, and they did.

A 12 lb. bag of Wellness lasted about 3 1/2 weeks. With six cats, that's pretty close to phenomenal. I free feed, so they can eat as much as they want, but I'm just impressed that I've been able to cut it down from a total of 36 lbs. of food a month to 12 lbs. of food per month.

And they love it, too, which obviously helps. If the bowl is almost empty, they get very anxious and have to come find me to fill it back up again. It's funny.

So as long as the Feed Store can get Wellness, I'll stay with that brand. I'm impressed.


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