Yesterday, I walked to the auction. (Which was more like a mile and a half/two miles, not a mile. I miscalculated.) Today, I spent 15 minutes on my exercise bike before breakfast.

I'm going to try to keep that up. I may not always be able to walk around the block, but I can utilize my exercise bike more--that's why I bought it, after all. Sitting here in front of the computer does nothing for my stamina, which I will need come spring when I am out in the gardens digging and working the soil. (Which counts very well as exercise in my book!)

I posted my credit card plan on Plethora, so that will be implemented here asap, and things are starting to look up a bit on that end. I like this a lot.

And I am planning to post auctions either today or tomorrow, depending. We're going to Mom and Dad's for supper tonight, so if I get to them today, that's fine. If I don't, then tomorrow, definitely. I need to get going with that.

I have decided that my very small collection of Frankoma Prairie Green dishes** (I really only have four mugs and a vase at the moment; I have a big teapot and a small teapot in blue, and a brown bowl) will be my collection dishes*/good dishes once I have more of them. I'm going to allow myself to collect them (after Lent, of course) and when I see them reasonably enough priced.

I'm going to sell the set of blue and white dishes I have; they're not anything special, but they should bring a decent price on ebay, and that will leave my grandmother's mother's dishes (that I won't get rid of, of course) and the very small set of dishes I bought at a yard sale for $5 that I still rather like. (Unless I find out that they're worth a lot of money, because I don't like them that much. *grin*)

Other than that, I'll get rid of the odd dishes I have in the china cabinet that I will never expand to have an actual collection, because they're just taking up space. This includes some odd Pfaltzgraff and one or two pieces of pink Depression Glass, so I should be able to get rid of those easily.

*collection dishes--meaning I'm allowed to collect these. I don't buy much dragonware anymore, unless it's really cheap, so that will be a semi-static collection.

**or Frankoma dishes in other colors, depending on the style. (Edit 2/18)


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