Oh, and I have to relate the almost-disaster that happened this morning.

See, I got up around 7:45am so I could have a leisurely breakfast, check my stuff on the internet, take a shower, get dressed, etc., and I was running a bit late for some reason. Around 8:40am, I walked into the bathroom to take a shower, and proceeded to rinse out the tub. The tub drainer thing was all clogged, so I picked it up, intending to clean it out, and one of Ethan's toys--one of those sponge things that you get in capsules and drop in water and they grow--went right down the drain before I could stop it.

It was extra tiny, and I have said on more than one occasion that I didn't want anything small enough to go down the drain to ever be in the bathtub. Like I've probably said this a million times. So I'm grumbling and grouching and furious, and I grab the Zip-It to try to catch it before it ends up in the sewer. I push the Zip-It down the top part of the drain (where I'd removed the plunger basket thing, and found all the gunk before), twist it around, and--

it slips out of my hand and disappears.

Down the pipe.

That's when I started to panic. I flew upstairs to look for a metal coathanger, woke Bekah up with my shouting and grabbed my jewelry wire. Bekah arrived with a coathanger just as I made a little hook on the end of the wire, fished it down the drain, turned it around, and THANK YOU LORD (I'm not being facetious, either) pulled the damned Zip-It up and out of the drain.


I can't imagine what that plumbing bill would have been like.

However, the little sponge thing is still down there. I'm thinking it won't get stuck; it is really small, and I can't say that not a single one has gone down the drain before anyway.

But still. NOTHING should be in the tub that is small enough to go down the drain. NOTHING!


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