This week's soup is Black Bean and Rice Soup, and this week's bread is Peasant Bread. I did have to buy carrots and black beans (dried) for the soup, because we had none. But now I have more for other types of soup with black beans.

I am really liking this soup thing. One pot a week usually lasts the whole week for lunches.

I made Peasant bread last week too, and I really like this recipe. Quite yummy.

Yesterday, I also made Rice Pudding again, with less sugar (less than 1/4 cup) and it was perfect. Yum, yum, yum.

Edit: Okay, I had a small bowl of the soup for supper. Wow! I really, really like the flavor. Not too spicy at all. I could even add more cumin. (I tend not to taste that as much, and with black beans and rice, it's a must-have.)

I forgot to mention that my mugs came in the mail today, in what has to be the quickest priority mail shipment from Colorado I've ever encountered. (They were shipped on Saturday, I believe.) And oh are they beautiful. I'm going to have to make an LJ icon, I can see it already. Here they are.


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