I went through my potatoes and sweet potatoes yesterday, and it looks like I shouldn't have to buy any potatoes to plant in March at all. My potatoes will hold until then; they're already sprouting, but not rotting at all. I guess the low humidity we've been having is good for something after all! And I started the sweet potatoes--I should have plenty of them as well.

I'm ordering my seeds this morning. A bit late, but I was waiting on my sister Emily to tell me what she ordered so we wouldn't have so many duplicates.

At the moment, here's my list of what I'm ordering:

--Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
--Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Bean
--October Bush Bean
--Calypso Bush Bean
--Christmas Lima Pole Bean
--Chioggia Beet
--Detroit Dark Red Beet
--St. Valery Carrot
--Japanese Climbing Cucumber
--True Lemon Cucumber
--Casper Eggplant (White)
--Thai Green Eggplant (Green)
--Crane Melon
--Clemson Spineless Okra
--Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea
--Golden Sweet Pea
--Alma Paprika Pepper
--Feher Ozon Paprika Pepper
--Fish Pepper
--Red Fig Tomato
--Red Malabar Spinach
--Zucchini (don't know what variety yet)
--Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash (of course)
--Fordhook Acorn Squash
--Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash

If I can find a seed catalog that carries asparagus, quinoa and amaranth, then I will be ordering those as well.

Mom is ordering regular peppers and tomatoes, so I'll just take some of hers for my additional tomatoes, and I'm sure she'll take beans and squash plants from me. Plus I'll have the tomato grove that will no doubt spring up in the back garden again, so I'll be fine, tomato-wise.

I have chard, one variety of carrot, lots of lettuce, spinach, butternut squash, a 'true cranberry' pole bean, and some seeds in the fridge I haven't looked at yet as well. I'm planning to buy cabbage plants from the local nurseries, and broccoli too, because I don't plan on putting out many of those anyway. (Cabbage will be used for sauerkraut, more than likely, if I get a good enough crop.)

Berry/Fruit-wise this year, I'm planning to do the elderberry trees, and I need another currant, too, but that's still under warranty. I'm waiting to see what comes back before I contact the nursey. My blackberries are definitely alive; the little garden out back is going to be overrun with blackberries if I let them. Thankfully, they are thornless. I may also buy something else; I haven't decided just what yet. More apple trees are definitely on my list.


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