Okay, I cheated and only posted one auction last night--my OLPC XO Laptop. I detailed my reasonings on Plethora--this was my one purchase that I regret from last year. We'll see how the auction goes. I already have bids, of course, but I also put a reserve price on it. I'm not giving it away.

We got some snow last night; enough to cover the ground and probably make things extra nice this morning to get to work on time. And it's still windy! I thought that was supposed to end, but evidently not!

I did finish the one hat I had in progress yesterday as well. It's black cotton velvet with a dark fuschia (Blogger evidently doesn't know how to spell that, and I guess neither do I!) cashmere lining. It turned out really cute. I might post it on Etsy, but not this morning!

It's a short week this week, and I'm glad. I actually will be getting home earlier every day this week, and I don't have to go in as early, either. So that will be nice.


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