The grass is mown! I made sure I was mindful while mowing the grass, and I did not lose my temper once, even though the mower clogged a million times. Both the front, side, and backyards are done.

I was even nice and gave my mower some oil, too.

I created a sort of arch in the little garden out back for the other climbing rose; evidently my roses have been talking to each other, because every single one of them is loaded with blooms this year. Which is how it should be. I used two pieces of the trellis I bought for the front porch last year and haven't installed yet. Since it will take a bit of doing to install them on the front porch, I figured I could get away with using two. On the other side I will have to plant something vining to make up for the rose. I don't know what yet.

I got the rest of the beans (christmas limas, october and calypso bush beans), and the sunflowers (along with some zinnias in the mix) planted in the big garden. I also found more potatoes. I think I'm over two hundred potato plants now. I will definitely not starve this winter and my neighbors/family won't either!

Now I'm trying to decide what to do next. I think that I will pot up more seedlings, because then if I run out of peat pots, I can get more from Mom and Dad's house tomorrow. But to do that, I have to mix dirt first, which isn't much of a difficulty, after all. So after supper I will do that.

And I've also worked on my dishcloth (it's really too narrow to be a dishtowel) and I'm almost done with the first one. Onward!

(And--surprisingly--I am not dead yet, or dying, even. I've worn my sloggers clogs all day, and so far so good. But I definitely will need to take a shower before I go to bed tonight. Whew!)

I will be planting tomatoes this week, and anything else I can plant, since it's a short week and I feel like I'm planting stuff really late this year. But the weather has not cooperated at all.


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