I lied. And I am 98% certain that I am going to keep it, not resell it.

It was $175. Considering that back in the 20s when it was brand new, it cost $29.50, I don't think that's a bad jump in price if you factor in inflation and everything, right? :)

It lacks shuttles; the lady who owned it said they were supposed to be in the auction, but they weren't there. So maybe they will be there next week. She's going to call me. Knowing my luck, the shuttles and such will go for more than the loom itself. But maybe not.

So rag rugs are definitely in my future.

The only other things I bought were two nice old suitcases for yarn storage, two old cast iron shoe displays which will become hat displays if I have anything to say about it, two walking sticks that I have plans for for $20 (for both), and a cast iron cooking pot with three feet--a nice old one that has a rounded bottom and a lid--for $25.


Unknown said…
Ooh, that's lovely. You could make your own shuttles if you had to, couldn't you?
Jennifer said…
I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to make them. I do have some extras from the other loom I have--I'm going to see if those work, but there are also actual rag rug shuttles on ebay for not that much, so we'll see how much they go for. :)

I think I should probably name her. Definitely a girl.

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