So I went to bed early last night and couldn't get comfortable. Around 12:30am, I moved from my bed to my comfy pink chair in my office, where I stayed (with Chloe nicely keeping me company) until a little after 3am. Then, finally, I moved back to my bed where I found a nice neutral position to lie in which didn't hurt, and I remained that way until I had to call in to work this morning. After that, I actually slept until 8:15am.

It does feel better today, but I'm glad I stayed home, because I can baby my back a bit and do some exercises that should help. I've already rode a mile on my exercise bike (which didn't hurt, although it hurt getting on and off) and I'm planning to do my 15 minute yoga thing this afternoon. And maybe I will do the 15 minute stretching thing this evening.

There are two things on my list to buy asap: a portable CD player so I can do the yoga and stretching programs more often (right now I use my DVD player or my computer; a portable player would mean I could do them in my bedroom) and a two-wheeled dolley thing to transport my plants in and out of the house. However much they cost is not too expensive for me to end up without back issues every spring.

Oh, and I've had enough of being out of shape. I know I've said this before, but after hobbling around the house last night--and after lying on the floor for a while and having to crawl across the cat-hairy rug to be able to pull myself up on the banister because I couldn't get enough leverage to make it to my feet any other way--I have had enough. I need to start taking care of my body.

It's not what I eat, really; it's that I'm too sedentary. And having a sedentary job/s doesn't help. So I'm thinking about making a rule: that before I sit down in front of my computer, I have to do one exercise program or ride a mile on my exercise bike. Even if I've been working outside all day long. If I sit down in front of my computer multiple times during the day, then I'll be riding multiple miles over the course of a day. Which can't hurt me at all, and might help me lose a bit of weight, which would then help my joints in the process.

Okay, I've sat here long enough. It's time to make a trip downstairs (slowly; the stairs do still hurt a bit) and eat some lunch. And then I need to decide what I can manage to do today, and what will have to wait.


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