So, yesterday afternoon when I took a break from potting and decided to weave a bit more of my scarf, I walked upstairs to find this:

Careful not to disturb him, I eased the loom up and slid underneath (I'm going to have to figure out some other way to weave on it pretty soon; since it's almost four feet long) and commenced to weaving. Only a short time later, I switched colors, and by the time I went to bed (probably about 45 minutes worth of actual work) I had quite a bit done:

You can see the colors better this time, and the slubbiness of the yarn. (Is 'slubbiness' a real word?) Obviously my bottom row's gone a bit wonky; I think I should have put a flat piece there to hold it straight and may yet borrow something from one of my craft supply stashes. I'm sure it's proper term is something, because I've seen other weavers use a flat piece of wood, but I'm not sure what the term is. I have ordered a couple of recommended weaving books, though, so those should help.

I haven't done anything yet today, but I intend to. It would be nice to get it half finished this weekend, wouldn't you think?


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