So we were supposed to go to Burlington today, but there was a 50% chance of rain. It didn't rain (well, it was raining at 6am when I called Mom and Dad to see if we were going) but we decided not to go. Instead, we went to the Aberdeen auction, which proved to be a good call, because...

I got my shuttles!

The lady who owned my loom was there, and she apologized for not calling me; she lost my phone number. But that was okay, since I was there anyway. And although I had to wait until almost the end of the auction to bid on them, I bought a box lot of six rag rug shuttles, carpet thread for the loom, and some other odd stuff, plus a box of already cut fabric for $25!

There was a lot of Pyrex at this auction--two tables worth. I really wanted to buy a couple more big mixing bowls, because they work so well for bread dough. I really only wanted two more. But they sold the stack of five big yellow mixing bowls in one lot, and I bought them for $25.

(Considering at Goodwill they are anywhere from $8-$10/each (when they are there, which is very rare) I think I got a good deal. So what I'm planning to do is store the extras in the laundry room. That way, if I break one, it's not a big huge deal.) I also picked up some more of my favorite little Pyrex bowls, a couple of casseroles for very cheap, and some more custard cups. Mom bought some Pyrex as well, like pie plates!

I got a replacement for my broken well pump for $15--it's missing the lid, but I can use what I have on the well pump now and not have any problems at all. The one that is there now is a shell; this one is only missing the pipe at the bottom and the chain and buckets, which I can still get at Lehman's. I found three more clothesline poles, two of which will be used in the garden for trellises for $2. I bought another stick bookcase for $2, too. It was almost embarrassing.

I found a bench that will become my harp bench--I had to pay $15 for that and another one that weighs a ton and is very--shall we say--primitive. But now when the dining room is cleared out and I have practice space set up, I'll have a nice bench to sit on while I play.

And then, because I seem to be collecting vintage kitchen implements, I bought this for $6:

It is a homemade stainless steel fruit press. It is not huge, as you can see, but I think it could be very useful, especially for jelly! If my blackberries explode like I think they will, I may need it. :)

I think that's all I bought, not that it wasn't enough. And then I came home and spotted baby beans in the garden, and picked the first three ripe strawberries. YUM. (I ate one. I'm saving two for Bekah and Ethan when they get home.)

And just so you all don't think I've gone nuts with the acquiring of things, here is my plan: (Yes, I have a plan.)

(That is, if anyone is reading this far down.)

When I have an empty bedroom, I plan on going through each room of my house and removing what doesn't belong from every room. Anything that doesn't go in that particular room will be removed and either put away or placed in the empty bedroom until I have a place for it, I sell it, or I give it away. If it is a duplicate and I don't need it, away it will go. If it is a duplicate that I bought for a purpose (like the extra Pyrex bowls) then it will be stored. If I don't have any room to store it, then I have to ask if I really need to keep it.

I have a plan for the stick bookcases I keep acquiring; if I have enough that will stack on top of each other, I won't have to build any bookcases for my reference books. I have five that can be used at the moment, so we'll see if I end up with enough by the time I need to implement my idea. (If I keep finding them for so cheap, it won't be an issue.)

The dining room will be the first room to be cleared out, because I really need to get my harps set up, my plants taken outside, and the dirt and leaves cleaned off the floor. Then I will probably move into the entry room, and then on from there.

I'm going to end up with a lot of stuff that has no place, but that's okay. I can work with it all in one room. It's hard to work with it if it's spread out across the entire house. :)

Currently, the Green Room is going to be my office/loom room. If all goes well.


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