So last night--late--I decided to warp the loom again and start something stripey this time. As you can see, my edges are a bit wonky still, but that's due to loose edge threads and I've fixed that now. I'll make it look prettier when I stitch the edges after I'm finished.

This is going to be a dishcloth or a small dish towel. I haven't decided yet. It's 100% cotton yarn, and despite the beginner's mistakes (you can see I missed a couple of threads there) I really like how it's turning out. And since this particular one's for me, I can live with a few mistakes. :)

I am hoping I have enough warped on the loom for three towels/washcloths. We'll see. I'm planning to switch colors for the next one, and have the lighter green a solid stripe instead of the darker green.


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