Since I have a loom now, I'm rethinking the Green Room yet again. In my paper notes of how to rearrange my house, I've already decided that the cats will have that extra bedroom--well, part of it--because that's a great place to stick the cat toy I'm going to make out of one of Ethan's old Little Tykes playsets* that I have in the shed. Yes, I'm weird. But you'll see! Eventually. ;)

With the loom where it is, and I do like it there, the rolltop desk bottom is displaced. That can go upstairs into the spare bedroom/ebay/yard sale/etc. room (aka Bekah's room.) It will be a great place to photograph the stuff to sell, or sort things out. So that problem has been taken care of.

Right now, in my mind, I'm considering taking my desk downstairs into the Green Room instead of the living room, since the couch won't fit with the loom in place. I would then put my nice comfy chair in the corner (either by the radiator, which would make sense--heat in winter!--or over in the corner by the bathroom door. If I put the comfy chair by the radiator, then the corner by the bathroom door will become the cat feeding station, which would work.

Essentially, I'm aiming for comfort and NO CLUTTER.

My desk would go against the long wall, with the same bookcase on top. That means my floor-to-ceiling reference bookshelves would have to go beside my desk, which would work, actually. I'm still going to have to run a phone line either way, but that's a minimal expense. And if I can run the phone line from the kitchen through the entry room and into the Green Room and not make it look terrible, it would be practically free, since I have lots of extra phone line anyway.

The living room still has to be rearranged in my mind. I would like not to have the TV where it is, since it's taking up a whole corner and I barely watch it anyway. (I only watch movies every once in a while.) If I had a spot where I could put something in so the TV would be shut away, that would be great, but I don't really have a spot like that in the living room. And I'm not buying an "entertainment center" for something I hardly use. I had thought to put both the papasan couch and the TV upstairs in the 'cat room', but I don't know. We'll see.

The sourdough bread is rising, my laundry is in the dryer because it was too cold to hang it out (although I'm going to hang out the towels and my winter quilt) and I'm working my way down the list. I don't think I'll do any trimming today, though. Darn.

*It's like this, only I don't think it has a slide. Doesn't that just say instant cat toy to you?! :)


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