Today is Backyard Day.

I have a lot to do in the backyard, some of which I've already finished. I have very long grass to trim with the trimmer (half done), potatoes to plant (that's what I'm doing now) and the little garden to decide on. I am wondering if I should plant the zucchini in the back garden. Hmm.

I mulched the blackberries on the other side, put up more trellis for them, pulled weeds, and have a spot picked out for the blue potatoes I found at Kroger (of all places!) a couple of days ago. To order blue potatoes would cost about $6.99/lb not counting shipping; I bought these for $.99/bag (about a pound a bag), marked down because they were sprouting.

So now I will have--finally!--red, white, and blue potatoes! And at Thanksgiving, if all goes well, we will have red, white, and blue mashed potatoes! Ha!

So anyway, today is Backyard Day. Tomorrow is Front Yard Day and plant-whatever-is-ready-in-the-big-garden day as well. I'm still debating whether or not my tomatoes are ready to plant.


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