I finished the dishcloths, which are almost big enough to be small dishtowels, but I think they'll work better as dishcloths. There are some mistakes, but I'm really pleased with how they turned out. There was enough warp for four of them. I alternated the solid stripes on every one, and I really think they turned out nice.

The only thing I'll have to really watch out for is beating the weft so it's straight, because two of them are a bit crooked. But my dishes won't mind.

The Seventh Secret was released, too! I've really not been online much this week at all, and I forgot to mention that here. I have to update my bibliography as soon as I have more than a couple of minutes to do so.

My next weaving project will be a small purse/bag for me, I think, in earthy/woodsy colors. I have some nice acrylic blend yarn that I want to use, along with some fancy yarn as well. I'm really looking forward to starting another weaving project. This is fun!

I have been attempting to plan the garden, and today I sorted tomatoes and planted 17 peppers. I have way too many tomatoes to plant--eeeek--80! (And that was after I sorted them twice!) But 18 of them are paste tomatoes for slow roasted tomatoes, and 62 are regular sized tomatoes and a few cherries. I'm still going to attempt to pare them down a bit, because I really only have room for 60 regular ones. But even that seems like a huge amount of tomatoes. I will be drowning if they grow well, but that's ok. Tomatoes are important plants in my garden. :)


Unknown said…
Those dishcloths are gorgeous!
Jennifer said…

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