I woke up this morning to the sound of rain dripping from the gutter outside my bedroom window. It's a really soothing sound, so I rolled over, went back to sleep, and then had a strange dream. When I woke up the second time, I decided to get up, because I'm going to an auction with Dad this morning and while I don't expect to come home with much, I'd still like to get something done before I leave, like another batch of dishes. (I'm doing dishes in batches this weekend. One down, about three to go.)

Obviously, unless it clears up really fast, I'm not going to get anything done outside outside today, although I might stay on the side porch and pot up seedlings later.

I'm feeling awfully content this morning. I'm not sure why. (I'm not complaining, either!)

Here is the auction we're going to. It has looms, but the only way I'd come home with one is if they are Very, Very Cheap. (And more than likely, they would be for resell, so I doubt I'll buy one.)


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