So I think I like weaving better than knitting, or even crochet. I definitely weave faster than I knit, and it's about the same as crochet, but using less yarn for the same amount of scarf. (I tend to do thicker scarves when I crochet because they go faster.

I did make one purchase last week, and that's what I'm weaving on. I bought an Ashford Knitters Loom for a very, very good price on ebay, and I've been experimenting with it since it got here. I am impressed.

This is my first scarf off the loom. I messed up the edges initially, but once I figured out what was what, it went very quickly and was very simple. Since everyone at the craft shows are knitting and crocheting scarves now, I think I'll be the first to weave my scarves instead. I really like how this one turned out, even though the beginning is still messed up. It will be a display piece.

The scarf I started on my oak loom didn't work when I tried to advance the warp. It messed up, so I will be warping my new loom with the same yarns to make another attempt with the same colors. And I'm thinking that I might put my oak loom up on Craigslist first, since I really don't want to have to ship it, and see what happens.

(Incidentally, I can't believe the prices people are asking for handwoven things on Etsy. Talk about sticker shock!)


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