I wrote up a list of everything I want to get done today last night before bed. It's not a terribly long list, but I got up early anyway to see if I can actually get it done. We shall see.

(I actually got up early because Gracie managed to close the bathroom window all by herself. I'm not sure how. It didn't *crash* by itself; that window's hard to open in the first place. But what propelled me out of bed was the thought of a harp crashing to the ground (so far so good, and the harps won't be in my bedroom for much longer.)

Yesterday, since I had potting to do and Mom had potting to do, we decided to pot together. I brought my plants to Mom and Dad's and we had a little potting party. We potted tomatoes, basil, and more tomatoes, and mixed up three (I think) batches of dirt. Officially, I can fit ten flats of plants in the back of my car. That's not bad, really.

I also brought home some half-gallon canning jars and a drying rack. And very sore arms.

So what did I do then, when I got home? I mowed the front lawn. Because although it rained Saturday (and my grass is so thick that it was really too wet still to mow), my neighbor had mowed their grass (again) and my grass was going to seed. (Oops) I started at 7pm, ran out of gas at 8pm, let it cool off for a bit, and finished it up. By then, I was dying, because I had to unclog it every five feet or so.

*hates grass*
*hates stupid lawnmowers*

I really should get the trimmer out and go across the front of the garden (if the cord reaches) and the front of the flowerbed and the front of the front porch where the daffodils are done blooming. It's on my list for today, but I'm feeling very averse to trimming at the moment. We'll see how I feel later. It's not like anyone will give me a gold star for doing that, and it's not like the grass that's already gone to seed will grow any higher anyway. ;)

I really need to plug in the electric lawnmower. Maybe I'll put that on my list for this week.

Otherwise, I get to bake bread today, and do other fun stuff like hanging out my laundry (once it gets a bit warmer.) Among other things, of course. And with that note, I'd best get going...


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