My asparagus came. Finally! But what the heck was I thinking? I ordered 30 crowns! Some of it will be going to Mom and Dad's, since they've so nicely said they'd 'donate' space in their garden. ;) Because since I have to plant it 12 inches apart, um, where was I thinking I had 60 feet of space?!?

(Actually, 30 crowns was the least I could order.)

Tomorrow is moving day for Bekah and Ethan--I decided not to work out in the garden tonight in favor of helping Bekah pack. My hope is that they can fit most of what is here on the truck tomorrow so she doesn't have to keep coming back to get stuff. And then, perhaps, I can start rearranging the house!

And today I ordered a new fridge, because my old one is 20 years old (or more!) and I'd rather have a new one before it dies. My new fridge will be delivered on Friday June 13th. I kind of picked the date on purpose. :)

This is actually the biggest house-related purchase I've made so far. Not too shabby! (And it was under my budget price of $500. Ha!)


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